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Well Group, Local Brand Global Quality

Well Group spread its wings into the Textiles, Food, Hotel and Real Estate sectors in Bangladesh.

In 1971 the young Bangladesh Republic was starting to build itself from the ground up after the turmoil of the Liberation War. Despite its great economic difficulties, Bangladesh began to flourish in many areas, especially the textile domain. It was for the growing domestic demand for sewing thread that Mr. Abdus Salam and late Prof. Nurul Bari Chowdhury founded the Bangladesh Textile Industries (BTI) in a small workshop in Chittagong. This was the birth of today's Well Group, now a leading industrial group in Bangladesh.

Since our humble beginnings just over two decades ago, Mr. Abdus Salam has managed to nurture this company at a steady pace. Twenty years after its foundation in 1973, BTI moved to its present location in the BSCIC Industrial Estate, Kalurghat, Chittagong, under the banner of Well Group. It was here that the foundation was laid for our modern and integrated production facilities for industrial sewing and embroidery thread (Weaving fabrics, Dyeing & Printing and Finishing), which hosts an 8MW in-house power generation facility, ensuring an uninterrupted production process.

Today Well Group employs over 25,000 people in its integrated production units, operating in an indoor facility spanning over 15,00,000 sqft.
Well Group is not only dedicated in its efforts in the textile sector but has also spread its wings into the Food, Hotel and Real Estate sectors in the recent past. Today, Well Group has fourteen production facilities that include a food court and a 3-star hotel among others, with a combined annual turnover of over US$ 200 million.