Spinning & Thread

SpinningConsidering the growing demand of Spun Polyester Yarn in local and overseas markets

Especially for Industrial Sewing Thread, Well Group invested in the SPINNING SECTOR in 2010 under the name WELL MART LTD. (Textile Unit). With about 50,000 spindles of spinning units, WELL MART LTD. is capable of producing about 300 MT of Spun Polyester Yarn of different counts, from 50s to 20s, per month. To ensure the production of top quality yarn, our spinning unit is equipped with Japanese origin, TOYOTA and REITER DRAW FRAME and MURATA AUTO CONNER.

Twisting and Heat Setting After Spinning, yarns need to be twisted
and heat set. In order to be ready for

The dyeing process. In order to produce sewing thread of highest quality, our Twisting Unit is fully equipped with MURATA Two-for-One twisting machines of Japanese origin that are capable of twisting any kind of ply.

Yarn Dyeing Our Yarn Dyeing Unit SANZI TEXTILE LTD.
is one of the leading yarn dyeing units in

Bangladesh, with a dyeing capacity of 400MT cotton and polyester yarn per month. SANZI Textile Mills Ltd. is equipped with SOFT CONE WINDERS supplied by PS METLER, High Temperature and High Pressure Package Dyeing Machines with 5Kg to 2000Kgs batch dyeing capacity, supplied by FONG'S, RF DRYER supplied by STRAYFIELD and HOT AIR PRESSED DRYER supplied by Galvanin.

Industrial Sewing & Embroidery Threads

'WELL THREAD' branded Industrial Sewing and Embroidery Thread is our flagship product, manufactured by SANZI Textile Mills Ltd., supported by our spinning, twisting and dyeing units. Well Thread is one of the largest selling brands in our RMG sector. Sanzi Textile Mills Ltd. can produce over 30 million cones of industrial sewing thread and over 5 million cones of embroidery thread per year. Other than our local RMG sector, Well Thread is now available in Turkey and Sri Lanka. The following product categories are available under the Well Thread name.