Social Welfare

In order for an economy to prosper, its social welfare must be enhanced greatly. To promote rural development, Well Group has established the Mabia Rashid Foundation, a welfare organization that aims to stimulate agricultural activities, education and better healthcare in the society.

This is an effort to eradicate poverty from the country. The foundation stipulates free irrigation support to the local, underprivileged farmers and provides education funds such as tuition fees, registration and exam fees and books for higher education to the children of insolvent families.

Our initiative to supply books for primary schools discontinued after the government started providing them. The foundation also provides Iftar to the disadvantaged during the month of Ramadan. In 2012, 15,000 people were provided with free Iftar meals.

For a more sustainable environment, the foundation has taken the initiative to plant trees. It has distributed over 15,000 plants since 2009, free of cost. The foundation employs about 300 destitute farmers to cultivate 300 acres of land every year.